On Disappointment and Frustration.

What is one to do when the heart is saddened and the mind is frustrated?

There are times when things do not go the way we want them to. A bad grade after studying for months, not getting a job you felt you were well qualified for, the possibilities are truly endless. When the heart is saddened, when the mind is frustrated- those are our weakest, most vulnerable moments. When we find it difficult to trek through the lows no matter how many times we have encouraged others to soldier through their storms- that is when shaytaan is by our sides, ready to take us down. The second being a Muslim, a mu’min, becomes hard, the second you’re on the “losing” side- that is when it’s most important to believe and act like victory is just up ahead. When we struggle to keep our heads up and our backs bend and our knees ache with life’s burdens- that is when we must ignore the pain and look to sun and remember Allah SWT’s mercy. When it feels like the world is crashing down on us and we’re drowning in anxiety- that is when we must be optimistic. When  your eyes are surrounded by dark circles and smiling is arduous- that is the time to remind yourself that better days will come. This is only temporary. Pain and hardship are only temporary. This dunya is only temporary. Yet Allah SWT gives glad tidings to the believers of a paradise that is eternal, that will long outlast any grief or frustration felt in this life.


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