On Community

When they fall, do not turn your face and scoff. Help them up.

When they mess up, do not speak about them behind their backs. Help them get back on the right track.
And when times get tough for them, do not walk out of their lives. Stay. Help them through it.
DEFEND them, they are YOUR people, YOUR nation.
CRY for them, PRAY for them.
When the night conceals your sincerity from everyone except The One, raise your hands for them.
And when daylight vows to carry freedom cries, raise your voice for them.
Be an inspiration for the young, an aid for the old.
Be a bright future, a comfort, to dimming souls, closing eyes, and fading breath.
Be an authority, a confidant, an older sibling, to those still full to the brim with childhood.
Be the shining face that says to one:
“InshaAllah, we got this. Thank you for all of this, thank you for your struggle. Thank you for crossing an ocean and leaving your home for us, for enduring their racism and degradation so that we could stand on equal footing to them. May Allah SWT reward your efforts.”
Be the leader that says to another:
“I know it’s hard, it’s tough. But inshaAllah we got this. We’re in this together and no one gets left behind.  I know sometimes it’ll seem like the sun hasn’t shone for months and sometimes it’ll seem like the heat of the sun is unbearable. But inshaAllah, it’ll pay off in the end. “
This is the struggle called life. But every battle ends, and likewise winners and losers emerge.
You’ll have to work to join your predecessors on the Day of Judgement: faces glowing, basking in the ultimate victory.
And they figured this out- community: the stronghold of the weak, the path that leads to every masjid.
When Umar RA found out that his friend, the esteemed Syrian, had become a drunkard, he did not cut relations with him, shun him, or denounce him. Instead, he sent him a letter with verse 2 of Surah Al-Mu’min in it:  “the One who forgives sins and accepts repentance, the One who is severe in punishment, the One who is the source of all power. There is no god but He. To Him is the ultimate return.” The Syrian was so deeply affected by this letter that he made taubah (asked Allah SWT for forgiveness), left alcohol forever, and completely changed his ways. If we knew the true meaning of community, we would approach each other in this manner.

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