Deafening cries ricochet off the walls,

we are unbreakable, one, united.

One man shouts with everything inside of him,
gives that one word every ounce of volume he can muster:
Adrenaline rushes through our veins,
we reply, eager to be heard.
In those two words we exclaim His recompense of everything we ever lost,
His mercy after all of our mistakes,
His power and our weakness.
Allahu Akbar!
Allahu Akbar!
The sounds leaving our mouths become louder and louder.
We are unbreakable, one, united.
We do not tire or become quieter.
Each and every heart in the room wishes it could last forever,
this freedom, this incredibly outward display of faith,
this rebellion of sorts against all those who reject the truth,
and submission to the Owner of the truth.
In this moment, our physical looks do not matter,
and it is this lack of discrimination
that allows a new-found love, in our chests, to be fostered,
leaves our hearts beating strongly against the dunya’s tidal waves
long after we have all parted.
We are unbreakable, one, united.
We do not tire or become quieter,
by the mercy of our Lord.