On Being Rejected:

Feelings of being cheated out of something we think we deserve are the results of narrow-minded views, tunnel vision we refuse to break out of.

1. How do I know I deserved it in the first place? As hard as I think I’ve worked, there could’ve easily been someone who worked harder. Or, maybe this thing I was prevented from acquiring was actually bad for me. In that case, it would’ve been something I didn’t deserve because it would’ve been a negative influence I would not have been able to fight against. Maybe this thing had the potential of leading me astray, and Allah SWT was only saving me from harm I simply couldn’t detect.

2. The disappointment will not disappear in a day, or two days, or three. No matter how hard you try to pretend like nothing is bothering you, every time the tiniest of references is made toward that which you didn’t receive, you feel the twinge of pain in your heart. But see, that’s the whole thing. If it was easy, then there would be no point to it. Putting your trust in Allah SWT is valuable because it’s difficult. When you don’t know why what happened did, that’s when its time to prove your faith. And countless before you have affirmed that their trust in Allah SWT never left them disappointed in the very end.

3. We plan, and Allah plans, and Allah is the Best of Planners. The end of worry lies in the beginning of trust in Allah. When you finally stop fretting over things you have absolutely no control over, when you finally stop taking the blame for those things and being unreasonably harsh on yourself, that’s when you’ll be able to breathe easy. Do your best and leave the rest to Allah SWT.


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