Oh Adina,
how many times did your heart express a desire and Allah responded?
How many times did you not even move your tongue or lips, but Allah reminded you that He knows what is in your heart?
You felt lost, like you had no older, supportive figure to guide you through it all, like you were walking in the dark while others had an advantage over you.
And look, Allah gave you so many older sisters. So many. Intelligent women upon the deen that are there to help, that want to help you, that have your best interests at heart. A true blessing from Allah SWT.
And remember, when you felt the fear of being 25, 26, even older, and not married? Fear of falling into sin while having to be single all that time. You did not do any more than feel fear at such a situation in your heart during sujood. You did not utter a single syllable to Allah SWT about it. Yet here you are.
Oh Adina, imagine then, what would happen, if you made more du’a?


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